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Together with SL, we offer a flexible subscription of day tickets at a competitive price point compared to using the pay as you go-service or the monthly pass. With our tickets, you travel back and forth to work, or as many times as you want during the day - until 04:30 am.  

We want to offer a subscription that you can pause and edit on a monthly basis, so that it always suits your current need. Share your subscription with your family members and get a better overview over your travel costs - and lower ticket prices!

It's easy to get going with our subscription:
Order If you also sign up for any of our other services, you can order one or more SL cards via the app that we mail to you. The cards can be regular or configured with discounts for youths/seniors.
Choose your subscription Find the ticket subscription that best suits your needs; we will mail you a travel card.
Ride The cards are ready to be used when you receive them, you use them as you would use a regular SL card at the turnstiles and ticket controls.


With UbiGo you choose a subscription that includes a certain amount of day tickets per month. We do not have a starting- or membership fee.

You are free to change and pause your subscription when you want to and you can also cancel it without notice. We want to offer our customers a flexible solution that doesn't contain any fine print.

This offer applies to customers who also use one or more of our other services.

How does the subscription work? 

  • As a subscriber, tickets are saved in your account until you use them.
  • You can change your subscription on a monthly basis to suit your needs.
  • If you use all the tickets in your account, your card will still work and the ticket price will be the same as in your current subscription.
  • You can skip a monthly top-up twice per every year that you remain a subscriber.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, without notice.
  • If you cancel your subscription, your tickets are saved for another 30 days before they expire.

Our subscriptions (renewed monthly)

  • 10 day tickets - SEK 525 (SEK 52.50 / ticket)
  • 20 day tickets - SEK 850 (SEK 42.50 / ticket)
  • 30 day tickets - SEK 1215 (SEK 40.50 / ticket)
  • 40 day tickets - SEK 1540 (SEK 38.50 / ticket)

Read SL's terms & conditions here.

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