Station-based car sharing

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Say goodbye to all the hassle that’s associated with owning a car, but still keep the convenience of having access to one when you need it. No more expenses related to reparation, care, parking rental, service, tolls, taxes and gas.

Everything is included
Insurance - Free mileage - Fuel - Toll fees

Here's how it works

Book Select a car that is available in your area, and book via the app.
Pick up Open the car with your phone. Get in and drive, the key is located in the glove compartment.
Drive It’s time to hit the road! When you’re done, leave the car where you picked it up and lock it via the app.


With UbiGo you choose a subscription with a certain amount of car hours per month, to suit your needs. We don’t have a membership- or starting fee.

You can change and pause your subscription freely on a monthly basis, and it’s easy to cancel without notice. We want to offer our customers a flexible solution that isn’t binding.

How do the subscriptions work?

  • As a subscriber, hours are saved in your account until you use them.
  • You can change your subscription to suit your needs.
  • If you use all the hours in your account, you are still able to book and use the cars. The hourly rate is the same as in your current subscription.
  • You can skip a monthly top-up twice per every year that you remain a subscriber.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, without notice.
  • If you cancel your subscription, your hours are saved for another 30 days before they expire.

Our subscriptions (renewed monthly)

  • 3 hours - SEK 330 (SEK 110 / hour)
  • 6 hours - SEK 600 (SEK 100 / hour)
  • 12 hours - SEK 1020 (SEK 85 / hour)
  • 18 hours - SEK 1440 (SEK 80 / hour)
  • 24 hours - SEK 1800 (SEK 75 / hour)
  • 30 hours - SEK 2100 (SEK 70 / hour)


We will increase our availability through Stockholm as demand grows. At present, we are available in a select few neighborhoods. Download our app and register to discover our current stations or send us an email with the area you’d like to see included and we’ll work towards coming closer to you.

Excess and other fees

Parking ticket administrative fee - SEK 300
Excess damage to vehicle - SEK 6500.
Excess damage to other vehicle(s) - SEK 6500.

We collaborate with Move About. You can find their terms of service here.

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