What is UbiGo? 
With UbiGo, you can choose between different modes of transportation via one app. We currently collaborate with four different actors that provide different services: public transit via SL, taxi via Cabonline, rental cars via Hertz and carpools via Move About.

How does it work?
More or less, you simply choose which services that you'd like to use, and start using them. You can also share the access to your account with others, for example your household members. You can choose which services should be available to the different users, for example blocking the taxi function from children.
You choose a plan containing different amounts of credits depending on how much you expect that you'll be travelling. A bigger plan means that the individual credits cost less - with the exception of taxi. You can also use UbiGo without a plan, it simply means that the unit price for hours with cars and public transit-tickets are more expensive per unit (but still cheaper than getting them from SL directly).

How do I become a UbiGo customer?
To start travelling with UbiGo, you need to send us a request. This is easily done by the contact form in the upper right corner, or by downloading the app from either Google Play or the App Store, and completing the registration process. After this, we will perform a customary credit check - the reason for this is that when you are approved as a UbiGo customer is granted access to all our services via invoice, with no deposition or similar.
Normally, you will be notified about the outcome of your request within one working day.

What is it that I pay for and how?
You only pay for the services that you'd like to use - never any membership fees. You pay for credits that can be used for hours with the carpool or rental cars, or day tickets with public transit. In the event that you don't have enough credits on your account when making a booking, the extra needed credits will cost the same as they did on your current subscription level. For example, if you are on a 10 public transit tickets per month-plan, which costs SEK450 (thus SEK45 per ticket), and you ride more than 10 days, you pay SEK45 for each additional day/ticket.

The credits that are on your account are saved until you use them as long as you remain an active user.

If you choose to not have a plan with included credits, the prices are as follows:
Public transit (SL): SEK 60 standard ticket, SEK 40,2 reduced ticket (child, student, retired).
Taxi: price is reflected in the app at the time of booking.
Rental car: SEK 120 per hour, special tariffer for day-, weekend-, and week rentals.
Car pool: SEK 120 per hour.
More information about our price list can be found here.

How do the subscriptions/plans work?
A plan contains a certain amount of car hours and/or public transit day tickets. You can choose between set amounts or tailor your own plan to fit your needs.
If, during a month, you notice that you are in need of more days or hours than you chose initially, this is not a problem. You can continue to use . the service at the same per unit price of days and hours as indicated by your chosen plan - no extra fees.
For example: UbiGo large carplan costs SEK 2550/month. This includes 36 car hours at a unit price of SEK 71/hour. If you during that month use 40 hours, each additional hour will cost SEK 71, and your 4 extra hours will thus add SEK 284 to your invoice.
In the event that you at the end of the month have unused hours or days left on your account, they will be saved until you use them.

Subscriptions and refills
Each refill spans 30 days, during which period you can choose if you would like to continue on the same plan, or if you'd like to adjust or pause it. The chosen plan can be adjusted or paused up until the last date before the next refill occurs (which is on the 1st of every month).
To pause your account, you simply choose a plan without days or hours. Keep in mind that when you use days or hours on the 0-plan, each day or hour costs more per unit than they do when you are on a plan that contains days and/or hours.
The thought behind this is that the service should be flexible and that you should be able to adjust your plan for what you actually need without being locked into a subscription that spans a certain amount of time.
When you've chosen a plan, your account will be immediately active and you can start using the car pools or book a rental car, as well as travel by taxi through invoice payment the following month. To use public transit you'll have to wait about 3 business days for the UbiGo cards to arrive in the mail. These are used the same way as regular SL cards to get through the turnstiles.

How do I share my plan?
The people that you wish to share your plan with needs to download the UbiGo app and click the verification link that will be sent to their email address. When they have done this, you can share one or multiple services via the app.

How does the public transit service work?
With UbiGo you can travel with SL in a more flexible manner. You can ride without a monthly set plan, if you do this each day ticket costs SEK 60.
If you choose a plan with included refills, each day ticket costs between SEK 32 and SEK 45 depending on how many tickets you choose per month. A 33% discount is applied to children, students, and retired people. To get the correct reduced UbiGo card, let us know about this when you sign up.
This manner of traveling is cheaper, as standard SL tickets cost SEK 37 and are only valid for 75 minutes, meaning that going back and forth to for example work will normally cost SEK 74. Our tickets are valid until 4:30 am.
For example: when you download a ticket at 00:30 am it will be valid until 4:30 am the following day, which amounts to 29 hours. However, if you download your first ticket for the day at for example 11:30 pm, it will only be valid for 5 hours as it expires at 4:30 am.
The timeframe for these tickets are not decided by us, but by SL. They are the same rules as when you buy day tickets directly from SL, they just cost less with UbiGo.

What happens if I travel with the UbiGo card without downloading a ticket in the app?
Downloading the SL ticket in the app is a way to keep track of how many tickets you have left on your account. If you don't do this, the number will only be adjusted in retrospect (weekly). We receive data from SL that shows how much a card has been used.

Cancelling your subscription/deleting your account
To cancel your subscription, choose this option in the app. A request is then sent to us to cancel your current plan with us. You can still use any remaining credits on your account, but cannot make new purchases. However, if you keep using your UbiGo card, we will send an invoice for what you have used. When you don't use your UbiGo card for 45 days, the card is automatically blocked.
If you request to have your account deleted, all your information will be deleted in accordance with our integrity policy, and any remaining credits will also be deleted.