How do I travel with UbiGo?

When you enter where you wish to go in the UbiGo-app, you’ll get suggestions for different ways to get there and how much it’ll cost. You can also see what services are available close by, or, if you already know how you want to get to where you’re going - simply book a car or download a public transit ticket directly without entering your travel data.

How do the SL tickets work?

To travel with public transportation, you will receive a card from us in the mail a few days after you join. You use this as a regular SL-card. To activate a ticket, you need to download one via our app. In your profile you can see how many days are left on your account.

Where are your car pools located?

In Hammarby Sjöstad there are two cars in the Luma garage, and one on Textilgatan by the tram stop.
In Minneberg there is one car in the P2 garage (Svartviksslingan).
In Finnboda there are two cars on Finnboda Kajväg.
On Stora Essingen there is one car in the Q-Park on Gammelgårdsvägen.

What’s the point with UbiGo, is it cheaper?

It does indeed cost less than owning your own car. For the other services, using UbiGo will not cost you more than using all the other separate apps and accounts - the point is that it is much simpler when everything is gathered in one app.

What’s included in a subscription?

That’s entirely up to you. You can compare different plans under "prices". You have the option to combine public transit, carpool, rental cars, and taxi. At the beginning of each month, you pay for your chosen plan and for the extras you may have used the previous month, such as taxi fare or extra rentals. You can always see the status of your plan via the app.

What happens if I finish my car hours or SL-days before the month is over?

No worries, you can always keep travelling! Hours or days that are purchased as you go do not cost more than what they do via your chosen plan. They are invoiced at the next billing occasion, on the same invoice as your plan. However, if you consistently travel more than what is included in your plan, it may be worth considering an upgrade as this will reduce the hourly and daily cost even more.

Who are UbiGo’s service providers?

SL for public transit, TaxiKurir/Sverigetaxi/TopCab for taxis via Cabonline, rental cars via Hertz, and our electric carpool is supplied via Move About. Via the carpool you can drive either Hyundai Ionic (hybrid) or the (fully electric) Nissan Leaf.

Can everyone join UbiGo?

You can always use UbiGo to travel with SL, taxi, and to rent a car. Our carpools are currently available in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stora Essingen, Finnboda and Minneberg. We are continuously expanding, so if you live in an area that you think we should consider coming to next - send us a message via the contact form above!

What do you mean with a household - who can be a part of it?

The person who is registered as the account holder for the household defines who is a part of the household. He or she does this by inviting the people that he or she wants to be included, and is also responsible for the payment for all members in that household.

How many people can travel at the same time via the same plan?

Households or workplaces can share a subscription. Everyone who is included in a specific group needs to have the UbiGo app downloaded which will be connected to the same account. Everyone can travel independently of each other, together - however they want. Everyone will get their own SL-card.

Can I lend my phone or SL-card out to someone else?

It’s not a good idea to do so, as it is the user and owner of the account that has signed and approved of the service agreement. That person is financially responsible for all the bookings that are made under his or her account.

Who is responsible for my journey if something goes wrong?

Normally you should contact UbiGo’s customer service, contact information for this will be available to you once you are a member with an active plan. However, if you are renting a car and there is a problem with it, you should contact the helpline of the car rental agency (the number can be found in the car). For public transit, if there’s a delay of more than 20 minutes, you should give us a call and we’ll send a taxi.

What do you mean with an SL day ticket?

The so called “Public Transit day” ends when the night traffic ends, which is late at night at 4:30 am. This is the case in most cities. For day tickets, this means that if you download your ticket between midnight and 4:30 am, it will stay valid until 4:30 am the following night. However, when you download your ticket before midnight, the ticket will expire at 4:30 am the coming night. So, a day ticket can at the most be valid for 28.5 hours, and at least for 4.5 hours.

Are costs for fuel and congestion tax covered by UbiGo?

For the carpool, both costs are covered. For rental cars, only the congestion tax is covered.

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