Common questions

Do I have to subscribe to use your services?

It is possible to book a rental car and taxi in the app without an active subscription. If you would like to use SL public transportation or our station-based carpool, you need to choose a monthly subscription that suits your needs best. The SL offer applies to customers who also use one or more of our other services. For more information about subscriptions and prices: SL public transportation - Car rental - Station-based carpool - Taxi

Is there a sign-up or membership fee associated with using your services?

No, we do not have a sign-up or membership fee. You simply pay for your subscriptions, any potential add-on purchases or car rental/taxi bookings; there are no additional fees.

How and when do I pay for your services?

You receive an invoice of your purchases and active subscriptions between the 7th and 10th every month. The invoice will be sent directly to your email with 21 days payment terms. If an invoice is overdue/unpaid an invoice reminder will be sent, here we charge a reminder fee of 60 SEK.

How do SL day tickets work?

Together with SL we offer a flexible subscription with a beneficial price compared to the single use tickets and monthly passes offered directly through SL. You can travel to and from work with the same day ticket or as many times as you want during a day until 04:30 in the morning.

You can pause and change your subscription to best suit your needs. Through sharing your subscription with your family members you can get an even better price per day ticket. For more information about terms and prices click on “Services”.

This offer applies to customers who also use one or more of our other services.

When is my subscription renewed?

All our subscriptions are renewed and start on the 1st every month. During your first month you only pay for what you use. For example, if you choose a subscription of 10 day tickets per month with a ticket price of 45 SEK, you only pay 45 SEK per day ticket until the day your subscription starts - which is the first day of the next coming month.

Do I have a period of notice on your subscriptions?

No, we have no period of notice. Your subscription will be cancelled immediately if you email us in the app: Click on Account > Email us, or write to

How do I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your subscription please email us through the app: Click on Account > Email us, or write to

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