Vår story

UbiGo is founded on scientific study results as well as experience from a comprehensive pilot that was conducted together with in Gothenburg during 2013. The results of this study showed that only 3% of the participants reported that they’d rather continue owning their own car than continuing using the service.

Curiosity was the gateway for participants during the pilot study. The convenience was the reason that basically everyone wanted to continue using the service. It was with this knowledge that we launched UbiGo in selected parts of Stockholm at the beginning of 2019. We are pioneers within the field of Mobility as a Service, which is currently growing in popularity worldwide. We are changing how people move within cities, and how companies solve the travel needs of their employees. We also contribute to the improved health of humans, cities, and the environment. We know that it isn’t a question about technology, but about habits and meeting the everyday travel needs of the modern city dweller.

From A to B

We want to simplify your journey from A to B. We want you to feel confident that you’ll always arrive on time. We want it to be cost-effective. You can change your plan to travel more or less, you can save unused travel time, and you can pause your account when you won’t be traveling at all.

Vi expanderar

At the moment, UbiGo’s complete services are available in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stora Essingen, Minneberg and Finnboda, and we are continuously expanding to new areas. Regardless of where you live you can use UbiGo to book a taxi or rental car at a smart price.