About UbiGo

UbiGo was launched in Stockholm in the spring of 2019, but its history goes much further back.

Chapter 1
The UbiGo service was developed and successfully tested in a commercial pilot Gothenburg2013-2014 together with partners such as Volvo, City of Gothenburg, the region PTA, Viktoria institute and Lindholmen Science Park. Chalmers did the very thorough  evaluation that has resulted in numerous academic papers and reports. The Gothenburg pilot was the first ever deployment of what today are called MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and it became the starting point for the new transport paradigm, that finally is becoming reality in more cities.

To good to let go
The Gothenburg customers said that curiosity was the main reason for joining the service, but that convenience became the main reason for staying.

97percent wanted to remain customers, even though it was a beta version of the service. We saw that they really changed their behavior – and were happy with it. The share of users that were very satisfied with their overall transport situation increased from 17 to 50 percent, whether they belonged to a household that had their car put into storage or not.

Chapter 2
It was with this knowledge that we launched UbiGo in selected parts of Stockholm in the beginning of 2019, backed by Via-ID, a strategic investor in mobility start-ups and in partnership with SL (the regional PTA), as well as selected commercial transport service providers.

UbiGo for your city
We are changing how people move within cities, and how companies solve the travel needs of their employees. We also contribute to the improved health of humans, cities, and the environment. We know that it isn’t a question about technology, but about habits and meeting the everyday travel needs of the modern city-dweller. We are in discussions with local actors to establish UbiGo services in other cities. We know that even if the MaaS market is global, the business will always be local. Working with UbiGo will lower the risk and cost and shorten the time to market. It’s about business models, execution and technology. Let’s discuss. Contact us at support@ubigo.me if you want to know more.

PS: You can read about our perspective on MaaS at New Cities Foundation and about our founder, one of UITP selected Mobility artists here.